Israel is small, and you know it...  here are some more cool ideas...

Tel Aviv

•Culinary tour

•Bar crawl

•Azrieli climbing

• Sport day at the Yarkon

•Na lagaat restaurant

•TLV start up tour

•Special forces tour

•Scavenger hunt Jaffa

•Shalom Tower scenic view

•Mayumana Show

•Rothschild Architectural tour

•Graffiti Tour

•Bike tour

•Surfing lessons

•Segway tour

•Krav Maga lessons

•Rabin center 



•Yad Vashem

•Cotel Tunnels

•Or Kol show at David city

•David city tunnels

•Culinary tour

•Humus tour

•ATV tour in Jerusalem mountains.

•Machne Yuda Restaurant – Must

•Gumshoeing range

•Scavenger hunt old city

•Old Station

•Winery Tour

•Shabbat of a life time dinner

•The Wall pedestrian

•Them line tour

•Bar crawlJerusalem 


•Sunrise Masada

•Mud fest …(ask us about it)

•Bedouin hospitality Belly dancer 

•Desert rave party

•One or two Petra day tour

•full moon tour at havari masada

•Bike tour Ramon Crater

•Rappelling Ramon  Crater

•Ilan Ramon center


–Boat BBQ Party

–Swim with dolphins

–Scuba diving 





•Night Party in Bat Yaar / Ben Tal

•Air force base

• Border ATV / Horses/ SUV / Bike

•Hamat Gader

•Hiking / Rafting.


•Druze lunch

•Boat cruise in the Cineret

•Beti Ve nuchi restaurant

•Ein Camonim

•Zeffat, Kabalah Lesson/ Artist tour

•Hachula Vally bike tour

•Nahariya, tornado boats.

•Acu, Templar crawl, knights tables

•Daliat el Caremel / Osfia

•Druz hospitality

•Hahula Valley on mules

•Manara Cliff Climbing