Who are we?

We have helped Stanford, Harvard, MIT, Wharton, Columbia, LBS and other schools' students to come to Israel, So we concluded that in respect to resumè and good work we were all set.  

We will  have the infomartion from other schools and students to find out what did and didn't work in the trek, exchange tips and itineraries, contact companies for visits, reserve flight tickets, hotels, restaurants and tours.

We are a travel company located in Israel and in the US. We specilize in creating tailored made treks to Corporates, Students and more. 

We understand that organizing a trek is not an easy job, especially when school works are piling up.  

Therefore, we are here to help.  

We have done this many many times, and we are here to save you a lot of time and substantially reduce your costs.

We do it because we believe in the cause and because we enjoy treks so much!

The only boring part leading the MBA Israel Trek will be the 7 seconds it takes you to power down your smartphone on Day 1.

With over 35 years of travel industry experience, eTR prides itself in its deep knowledge of Israel’s best sights, activities, food, travel and lodging.


 We leverage our firsthand experiences to ensure that if this is the only time the students visit her, they’ll travel in style and safety and leave bittersweet:


-          Sweet in that they’ll have the memories to return to and in a way never fully leave

-          Bitter in that they’ll be leaving a new friend they connected with so quickly


We get it. This is our one chance to share our love of Israel with them and we take that seriously.

Our young and creative team offers honest advice and delivers first-class results. They work tirelessly to ensure your complete satisfaction.


Let’s get started!